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Health risks with nicotine-free electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes (vapes) have become a hot topic of conversation among celebrities.

Unlike regular cigarettes, vapes do not contain nicotine, tar, or other harmful substances, so many people are picking up vapes to quit smoking or reduce their smoking.

Many people may wonder, "Are nicotine-free and tar-free e-cigarettes really harmful to my health? Many people may be wondering, "Are they really harmless to my health?

In this issue, we will introduce the safety of the ingredients of e-cigarettes (vapes) and their advantages all at once!

Are there any health hazards of e-cigarettes?

As explained earlier, e-cigarettes do not use tobacco leaves and therefore do not produce various harmful substances, but are e-cigarettes really harmless to the human body? Let's take a look at what ingredients are actually contained in the eliquid of the e-cigarette.

Ingredients of e-cigarettes

The main ingredients in e-cigarette (vape) liquids sold in Japan are glycols such as propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin. These are also found in foods and medicines and are something we consume on a daily basis, even if we are not aware of it.

In addition, in 2017, the British journal Nature, a British natural science journal, published a study that found "no evidence of health concerns with long-term use of vape. (Source: Health impact of E-cigarettes: a prospective 3.5-year study of regular daily users who have never smoked).

The results of this study show that no specific health effects were observed after 3.5 years of e-cigarette use.

Some believe that the study is still in progress and that there is still harm...

E-cigarettes are said to produce fewer toxic substances and pose fewer health hazards than conventional cigarettes.

Since the history of e-cigarettes is still young compared to that of paper cigarettes, there are still many questions to be answered, such as what effects will occur after long-term use, what effects will occur when a large amount of glycols, which are considered harmless, are inoculated into the body through vaping, and what effects will occur to the e-cigarette itself? The details of these questions are still under investigation.

However, since the liquids sold in Japan are made with safe ingredients, they are quite safe, if not harmless.

Fatalities have been reported only in foreign countries so far.

Although there have been no fatal accidents involving electronic cigarettes (vapes) in Japan, there have been fatal accidents in the United States and other countries caused by the use of electronic cigarettes (vapes) containing nicotine or poorly made liquids.

However, Japan's Pharmaceutical Affairs Law prohibits the sale, transfer, and other transactions of liquid products containing nicotine all together, so e-cigarettes purchased through authorized channels in Japan are free from such risks.

E-cigarette liquids can be freely refilled and mixed, but if you use a product that is too inexpensive or inferior, there is a possibility that it may contain dangerous ingredients, so you should use it with caution.

Dangers of using inferior vape products

The deaths that occurred overseas were found to have been caused by the use of inferior liquids, but what exactly are the symptoms?

It has been suggested that in the U.S. incident, marijuana was mixed with regular liquid and inhaled, and that toxic metals may have entered the body due to continued use of a malfunctioning device.

However, these dangers do not lie in the e-cigarette itself, but rather in the fact that it is purchased in the right place and used in the right way.

Please refrain from mixing liquids together without knowledge or using devices with obvious abnormalities.

That said, be careful where you get your e-cigarettes!

Today, inexpensive foreign-made products made by different vape manufacturers all over the world are distributed through various mail-order websites, but never touch such products.

I've taken the liberty of following people around the vape world, and I've compiled a list, and it's wonderful to see all the vape information out there! I can't wait to finish smoking the first foreign liquid I bought that I failed to try, and to try all kinds of liquids. twitter

I think the advantage of the liquids you can buy on foreign websites is that they are "large and cheap," but most of the respondents said that "more than 80% of them fail.

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