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Are vapes safer than regular cigarettes?

The smoke from cigarettes, which can be easily purchased at convenience stores, contains about 5,300 chemical substances, of which about 70 are said to be carcinogens.

Of these, nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide are said to be the "three most harmful ingredients.

Because of this, there is a widespread perception that cigarettes are harmful, and many people are concerned that "even e-cigarettes may be just as harmful as cigarettes. Many people are concerned that even e-cigarettes may be just as harmful as cigarettes.

Let's compare these harmful components of cigarettes and e-cigarettes (vapes).

Comparison of Nicotine Harmfulness

The main harmful property of nicotine is 'dependence', which many of you can probably imagine.

This dependence can lead to more frequent smoking, and the more cigarettes you smoke, the more harmful substances you put into your body...

There would also be concerns about the negative effects on the heart and lungs, as nicotine entering the body also causes an increase in blood pressure and heart rate.

Currently, all cigarettes sold in Japan contain nicotine, without exception, and the amount of nicotine varies from brand to brand.

Comparison of tar toxicity

Tar is the general term for the particulate portion of tobacco smoke, excluding carbon monoxide and other gaseous components produced when tobacco leaves are burned, and contains a number of toxic and carcinogenic substances.

Although the amount of tar per cigarette is minute, the longer a person smokes, the more it accumulates in the body and the darker the lungs become.

The pitch-black lungs seen in insurance textbooks and other materials are blackened by this tar. This tar is the "worst toxic substance" among the substances contained in cigarettes.

What do e-cigarettes contain?

As a conclusion, vapes do not contain any of the substances described so far.

Substance E-cigarette Cigarette
Nicotine × 0
Tar × 0
Carbon × 0

Because e-cigarettes use the e-liquid and do not use tobacco leaves, which are the cause of the outbreak, and only additives that have been approved as safe for use in humans are used as ingredients.

Comparison of carbon monoxide and other harmful properties

Carbon monoxide is a highly toxic gas, such as that found in car exhaust fumes, which is produced when tobacco leaves are burned.

This substance reduces the ability of the blood to carry oxygen and may increase the risk of heart disease, and is present in about 3% of cigarette smoke.

In addition to the three substances introduced so far, studies have shown that there are more than 3,000 other carcinogens such as benzene and formaldehyde.